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Mission Logo

Purpose of the society

To further the effectiveness and efficiency of cost estimating and analysis and related disciplines in the public and private sectors by: 

  • Promoting and enhancing the profession of cost estimating and analysis
  • Fostering the professional growth of its members
  • Enhancing the understanding and appreciation of cost estimating, analysis and related disciplines throughout the general public
  • Promoting a Common Body of Knowledge as a standard for individual excellence
  • Advocating a uniform Code of Ethics for the profession
  • Rewarding achievement through an appropriate program of recognition and certification
  • Providing forums and media through which experiences with the principles and techniques of cost estimating and analysis may be reported, discussed and published in furtherance of public interest
  • Fostering, promoting, and conducting research and educational programs
  • Developing and maintaining standards of proficiency and performance
  • Cooperating with other organizations and individuals, having common or related purposes, in furtherance of public interest
  • Providing an opportunity for government, industry and academia to collectively discuss and comment on related proposed or suggested subjects of common interest
  • Establishing standards in the terminology, conduct and application of cost estimating and analysis

Operation of the society

The Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis is a nonprofit organization chartered by the State of Virginia and operated by the National Officers acting under the policies of the National Board of Directors and the counsel of the Board of Regents. Revenue is derived from the dues of individual members, a part of which is refunded to the chapters for their operation. Funds are also raised by conducting seminars, workshops and symposia and through the sale of publications and other educational materials.
2011 IPM Conference

2011 IPM Conference
7-9 November * Bethesda, MD

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SCEA & ISPA Merger Process

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CCEA/PCEA Certification Program

SCEA's Cost Estimator/Analyst Certification Program with 2 levels of certification, new qualification criteria, and a new exam format. For program information, select Certification from the main menu above. For testing dates and exam application, see block below.


Exam Date: Oct 27, 2011
Application Deadline: Sep 15, 2011
Locations: San Diego, CA

Exam Date: Nov 5, 2011
Application Deadline: Sep 30, 2011
Locations: Bethesda, MD; Hill AFB, UT; Minneapolis, MN. Edwards AFB, CA. Additional locations will be added as applications are received.

Exam Date: Dec 16, 2011
Application Deadline: Nov 4, 2011
Locations: Everett, WA; Australia. Additional locations will be added as applications are received.

Exam Date: Apr 14, 2012
Application Deadline: Mar 2, 2012
Locations: Northern, VA. Additional locations will be added as applications are received.

Exam Date: Jun 30, 2012
Application Deadline: May 18, 2012
Locations: Northern, VA; Orlando, FL. Additional locations will be added as applications are received.

More Certification Information

Exam Application

Cost Estimating Career Center

Announcing the SCEA Online Cost Estimating Career Center. An excellent resource for both Job Seekers and Employers.


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