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Application for CCEA® Recertification (DOC)

SCEA CCEA® sustainment can be achieved by testing or by a combination of experience, knowledge attainment and/or sharing and participation in the cost community and its associations. Re-certification every five years is required to maintain your certification, where a minimum of 30 points is required for continued certification without taking the test.

  • The first link (above) is for current SCEA members and "Certified Non-Members" which will allow for points to be requested via an online system. This system also allows you to upload supporting documentation (if required). The oline system will allow you to submit your recertification points as you earn them and create a periodic report of points submitted to-date. However, you will not officially submit your online application for recertification by points until you have at least 30 points to claim and are near the expiration of your 5 year certification period.

  • The second link (above) is for those wanting to download a copy of the applcation and use it for reference or those that having problems with using the online system. For those that choose this method, after you have download and completed the application form, please email it the SCEA National Office and also include all of the supporting documentation that is required.

Any submissions that are disorganized, lacking proper substantiation, spanning more than a 5-year period, or covering the incorrect 5-year period will be returned to sender for rework and resubmission. The Director of Certification will make final decisions on the points allowed.

The recertification fee is $125.00 for members and for military and government nonmembers; and $250.00 for other non-members. Send payments to Director of Certification, SCEA, 527 Maple Avenue East, Suite 301, Vienna, VA  22180.


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