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The section below provides information on eligibility criteria. Eligible exam candidates should complete the Application for Certification Examination Application and review the CCEA Exam Preparation Handbook, which provides important information on the testing procedures and how to prepare for the examination. The SCEA Calendar on the SCEA General News page gives upcoming exam dates.

To qualify for one of the designations/ credentials below, an individual must meet the educational and experience requirements. Applicants will be required to provide supporting documentation for their eligibility consistent with current validation requirements.


Educational Requirement Experience Requirement Educational Exception
PCEA Bachelor's Degree in
any field from an accredited college
Minimum 2 years of cost experience but less than 5 years experience 5 years of cost experience in lieu of a Bachelor's Degree
CCEA Bachelor's Degree in
any field from an accredited college
5 years of cost experience 8 years of cost experience in lieu of a Bachelor's Degree
Figure 1. Eligibility Requirements

It is important to note that those applying for the PCEA because they do not meet CCEA eligibility requirements have the opportunity to take the entire CCEA examination (Part I and Part II) If they successfully pass both parts, they will be awarded the PCEA immediately, and, upon reaching five years of cost experience, will automatically receive their CCEA. If they fail Part I, they are only eligible to re-take Part I, regardless of Part II results. If they pass Part I but fail Part II, they receive the PCEA designation but must wait until they have reached five years of experience before attempting Part II again. Furthermore, those who pass only Part I of the examination, and have five years of experience need only to take Part II of the examination to attain the CCEA.

Applicants must provide a copy of diploma or transcripts to support their claims of education accomplishments - formal or informal transcripts will serve to document course completion; diploma photocopies will serve to document degree attainments. Those claiming non-accredited course accomplishments must provide copies of certificates of completion that include the source, subject, and hours of instruction. Each course submitted must meet the general criteria of 20 or more hours of classroom instruction. Send a resume detailing your position titles, responsibilities, and dates in the positions to document your experience. Include sufficient information (e.g., points of contact) to verify your claimed work experience.
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