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Certification Matters

Train, Attain, Sustain... Certification Matters!

Certification Matters

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Certified cost estimators and analysts have never been more important in business. With programs and budgets soaring into the millions and billions of dollars a small error can be costly. Consequently, government, commercial, and academic employers need a means to identify quickly those experienced professionals who can decipher what matters most and generate more accurate cost estimates and analyses.

The Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) has drawn on commercial, government and academic senior leadership knowledge to institute a Certified Cost Estimator/ Analyst (CCEA) program that promotes competency recognition based on preparation, assessment, and sustainment.
SCEA's certification program means more than just demonstrating that one is able to get or keep a job; it provides a professional credential that sets the standard for the entire costing estimating and analysis community. It provides the foundation for professional cost careers and offers employers and individuals a means of distinguishing and achieving excellence. Ultimately, certification offers a stamp of approval of an individual's mastery of the basic and intermediate cost knowledge and consequently strengthens the individual's and their organization's ability to produce quality cost estimates and analyses.