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Awards Nomination

The Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA) National Awards Committee is soliciting nominations for the upcoming SCEA Annual National Awards.

There are four categories for the National Estimator/Analyst of the Year awards.  The categories are:  Management, Technical Achievements, Education, and Service to the Society. 

The Awards Committee also accepts nominations for the SCEA Lifetime Achievement Award.  This award provides SCEA the opportunity to recognize individuals who contributed significantly to the field of cost estimating and analysis over many years.

In the selection of award recipients, the SCEA Awards Committee will take into consideration the individual’s contributions to promote the purpose of SCEA to improve cost estimating and analysis in government and industry and enhance the professional competence and achievements of its members by:

  • Promoting and enhancing the profession of cost estimating and analysis
  • Fostering the professional growth of its members
  • Enhancing the understanding and appreciation of cost estimating, analysis and related disciplines throughout the general public
  • Promoting a Common Body of Knowledge as a standard for individual excellence
  • Advocating a uniform Code of Ethics for the profession
  • Rewarding achievement through an appropriate program of recognition and certification
  • Providing forums and media through which experiences with the principles and techniques of cost estimating and analysis may be reported, discussed and published in furtherance of public interest
  • Fostering, promoting, and conducting research and educational programs
  • Developing and maintaining standards of proficiency and performance
  • Cooperating with other organizations and individuals, having common or related purposes, in furtherance of public interest
  • Providing an opportunity for government, industry and academia to collectively discuss and comment on related proposed or suggested subjects of common interest
  • Establishing standards in the terminology, conduct and application of cost estimating and analysis

SCEA Awards Committee will follow these guidelines:

  • All nominations must be submitted on the SCEA Award Nomination Form.
  • Any member of SCEA may submit a nomination.
  • The Awards Committee will categorize all nominations based on the Nomination Type block checked on the Nomination Form.
  • Only one of the following categories may be selected: Management, Technical Achievement, Education, Service to the Society, or Lifetime Achievement.
  • If the Awards Committee believes a nomination should be categorized differently, the Committee may change the category, with the concurrence of the nominator.
  • The Awards Committee may refuse to review data that cannot be verified easily.
  • Nomination forms must not contain any proprietary or classified information. 
  • All Nomination Forms will be kept and maintained by the Awards Committee.

All nominations must be submitted 60 days prior to the beginning of the Annual SCEA Conference to the SCEA National Office (  The awards will be presented at the Annual SCEA Conference.  For more information about the conference, please visit

click here for awards nomination form!

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