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Best Papers

2011 SCEA/ISPA Joint Annual Conference
& Training Workshop

Best Paper Award Winners

Research Track:
Joint Cost Schedule Model (JCSM) – Recent AFCAA Efforts to Assess Integrated Cost and Schedule Analysis by Greg Hogan, Antonio Rippe, and Darren Elliott

Management Track:
Instrument Schedule Delays Potential Impact on Mission Development Cost for Recent NASA Projects (Follow-On Study) by Kristina Kipp, Stephen Ringler, Erin Chapman, Luke Rinard, and Claude Freaner

Software Track:
Software Cost Estimation Using a Decision Graph Process: A Knowledge Engineering Approach
by Sherry Stukes and John Spagnuolo

Models & Methods Track:
Trade Space, Product Optimization and Parametric Analysis by Doug Howarth

Applications Track:
An Application of Data Mining Algorithms for Shipbuilding Cost Estimation by Bohdan Kaluzny

An Improved Method for Predicting Software Code Growth: Tecolote DSLOC Estimate Growth Model by Michael Ross

Best Conference Paper and Best Paper in the Risk Track:
Covered with Oil: Incorporating Realism in Cost Risk Analysis by Dr. Christian Smart



2010 SCEA/ISPA Joint Annual Conference &
Training Workshop

Best Paper Award Winners

Estimating Track:
Estimating Issues Associated with Agile Development by Bob Hunt

EVM/Scheduling Track:
Control Account Manager (CAM) Notebook Evaluation by Nhung Tran, Eddie Hall, and Dr. Mun Kwon

Life-Cycle Cost Track:
Estimating Life-Cycle Cost of West Virginia Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bridge Decks by Sidharta Sahirman

Management Track:
Competition in DoD Systems Acquisition: Past Lessons and Future Considerations by Dr. Michael Beltramo, Emily Beltramo, Rick Collins, and Brian Torgersen

Methods Track:
Simple Mean, Weighted Mean, or Geometric Mean? by Dr. Shu-Ping Hu

Models Track:
Advancing the Art of Technology Cost Estimating – a Collaboration between NASA and Boeing by Mark S. Schankman and John Reynolds

Software & IT Track:
Software Cost Estimating Relationships
by Jennifer Leotta

Best Conference Paper and Best Paper in the Risk Track:
Here, There be Dragons: Considering the Right Tail in Risk Management by Dr. Christian Smart




2009 SCEA/ISPA Joint Annual Conference
& Training Workshop

Best Paper Award Winners

Applications/Tools Track:
USAF/SMC Cost Growth Study Using Contract ECOs by Angela M. Vu

EVM/Schedules Track:
Performing Statistical Analysis on Earned Value Data by Eric R. Druker, Dan J. Demangos, and Richard L. Coleman

Management Track:
NASA Productivity Study by Tom Coonce, Bob Bitten, Joe Hamaker, and Henry Hertzfeld

Methods Track:
Methods and Challenges in Early Cost Estimation by David Hull

Models Track:
A Distribution-Free Measure of the Significance of Regression Fit Parameters Established Using GERM by Timothy P. Anderson

Software & IT Track:
Illustrative Example of Flight Software Estimation
by Robert A. Georgi

 Best Conference Paper and Best Paper in the Risk Track:
The Portfolio Effect and the Free Lunch by Christian Smart



2008 SCEA/ISPA Joint Annual Conference
& Training Workshop

Best Paper Award Winners

Software / Hardware / Tools Track:
Software Total Ownership Cost: Development is Only Part of the Equation” by Daniel Galorath

EVM / Schedule Track:
Recognizing Earned Value Management Gaming” by Dorothy Tiffany and Walter Majerowicz

Lessons Learned Track:
Cost Overruns and Defense Contracting” by Jennifer Leotta

Risk Track:
How to Capture Discrete Cost Risks in Your Project Cost Model” by David Graham, Alfred Smith, and Melissa Cyrulik

Analysis Track:
R² vs. r²” by Dr. Shu-Ping Hu

Best Conference Paper:
Adaptive Cost Estimating Relationships” by Stephen A. Book and Melvin A. Broder




2007 SCEA/ISPA Joint Conference
in New Orleans, LA
2007 Best Paper Awards

Software Track:
A New Software Estimating Relationship” by Michael Ross

Risk Track: 
Cost Risk Allocation Objectives, Tendencies and Limitations” by John Sandberg

Methods Track
Learning Curve Redux: A New Use for a Familiar Tool” by Evin Stump and Alexandra Minevich

Models Track: 
Capabilities Based Costing” by Martha Roper

EVM and Hardware Track: 
The Evolution of Hardware Estimating” by Arlene Minkiewiez

BEST OVERALL PAPER and Management and Lessons Learned Track: 
Realities of Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) - Stakeholder Perceptions
by Greg Kiviat, Stuart Swalgen, and Sebastian Botta



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