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2010 Annual SCEA Awards
Awarded at the 2010 ISPA/SCEA Conference
in San Diego, CA

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession of Cost Estimating and Analysis
Dr. Stephen A. Book

Steve Book has over 30 years of cost estimating and analysis experience, and until recently was Chief Technical Officer at MCR, LLC, where he was responsible for ensuring technical excellence of MCR products, services, and processes. Prior to that, he was Distinguished Engineer and Department Manager at The Aerospace Corporation. He has been a principal contributor to several significant Air Force cost studies, and has served on national panels as an independent reviewer of NASA programs.  He is co-editor of The Journal of Cost Analysis and Parametrics, and was the 2005 recipient of ISPA’s Freiman Award for Lifetime Achievement.  He has a vast number of professional papers to his name that he has presented at SCEA and ISPA Conferences, DoDCAS, and MORS Symposiums.

For Technical Achievement:
Timothy P. Anderson

Tim Anderson, CCEA, is a Technical Manager for MCR, LLC’s Technical Leadership Group.  He has over 15 years of experience in the cost analysis and operations research fields. Tim is also a member of the DC Metro SCEA Chapter Board, and an adjunct professor at George Mason University and the Naval Postgraduate School.  He frequently presents papers at SCEA/ISPA conferences, MORS, DoDCAS, and SSCAG, and won Best Track Paper in 2009 for his paper given at the ISPA/SCEA Conference in St. Louis.

For Contributions in the Field of Education:
Bethia L. Cullis

Bethia Cullis works as an Operations Researcher at TASC, Inc, where she portrays a commitment to learning and researching that fuels her passion for excellence. She is an internationally-recognized and sought-after trainer of the Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge, and played a key role in the development, beta testing, and final delivery of CEBoK.  She was Training Track Co-Chair at the 2010 SCEA/ISPA Conference, and was recently appointed SCEA National Training Chair.  She is a mentor/teacher of junior and senior analysts, and conducts internal training sessions at Northrop Grumman and TASC.

For Service to the Society:
Michael Thompson

Mike Thompson has served SCEA since 2003. At the Chapter level, he has been Southern Maryland Chapter Education Chair, Vice President, and President.  On the national level, he has been track chair at SCEA National Conferences, has served on the conference planning committee for the 2007 SCEA Conference, served as Program Chair for the SCEA Conference in 2008 and 2009, as Conference Chair for the 2010 Conference in San Diego, and currently serves as SCEA National Chaptering and Membership Chair. With his hard work, SCEA has recently welcomed three new chapters and reinstated one chapter.

For Contributions in the Field of Management:
Richard B. Collins, II

Rick Collins is President/CEO of Technomics, Inc. With over 30 years of experience, Rick brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to his management style.  He fosters the professional growth of estimators within his organization by encouraging active participation in SCEA (including encouraging and funding staff to sit for the CCEA exam). Through hiring, mentoring, and managing recent college graduates, Rick has helped Technomics grow to a staff of 50 analysts since 2000.   He led a team that helped review CEBoK module revisions and participated in a multi-organization team to develop a new CCEA case study.

Prior SCEA Annual Award Winners
Updated 6/27/2010

2009 Lifetime Achievement Daniel D. Galorath
  Technical Achievement Eric Druker
  Education Hollis M. Black, III
  Service to the Society  Christina Orff Brims
  Management Jeffrey J. Moore
2008 Lifetime Achievement Richard “Dick” Coleman
  Technical Achievement Gregory C. Bell
  Education Dr. H. Samuel Cooke
  Service to the Society  Robyn Kane
  Management Debra Walter
2007 Lifetime Achievement Frank R. Flett
Management Dianne E. Butler
Education Peter J. Braxton
Technical Achievement Michael E. Popp
Service to the Society  Paul Marston
2006 Management Marc Barden
Education Richard “Allen” Atwell
Technical Achievement Candace S. Hendrickson
2005 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Lewis Fichter
Education Martha Ann Spurlock
Technical Achievement Peter Meisl
Service to the Society  Mary Harmon
2004 Lifetime Achievement Dr. Humbolt Mandell
Management Terry Johnson
Education Marge Evriviades
Technical Achievement Richard Fox
Service to the Society Robyn Kane
2003 Lifetime Achievement Neil Albert
Management William F. Stranges
Education Michael A. Greiner
Technical Achievement Craig R. Shanske
2001 Lifetime Achievement Robert W. Young
Management Paul R. Marston
Education Dr. William “Bud” Bowlin
Technical Achievement Frank A. Prince
Service to the Society  Robert B. Carlton
2000 Service to the Society  David G. Olsen
1999 Management David A. Morana
Education Bryan D. Turner
Technical Achievement David L. Peeler, Jr.
Service to the Society   David G. Olsen
1998 Lifetime Achievement Milton Margolis
Management Steven D. Sowers
Education Steven Malashevitz
Technical Achievement Tina Colarossi
Service to the Society   R. R. “Ray” Crum






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